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TCTC believes that research helps to support, develop and promote relationship-based practice in all social environments. Our Research and Development Group encourages a research culture amongst our members. This will both inform the ongoing improvement of the work and also demonstrate its efficacy.

The TCTC R&D Group is open to anyone interested in research, evaluation and service development. The Group is run on behalf of TCTC members. Its activities are open to all.

As a member of the Group you will receive notifications about the Group’s activities and be able to invite responses from Group members to questions related to R&D in TCs, Enabling Environments and others who share similar values. You will also have the opportunity to participate in occasional projects that are co-ordinated by Group members.

The TCTC R&D Group organise seminars to discuss key issues in the field and to give members opportunity to present their research to their peers. It also works closely with the Community of Communities Quality Network and the Enabling Environments project at the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Centre for Quality Improvement, to provide feedback and support on relevant issues.

The Group is organised by a Steering Group that meets quarterly and is supported by a number of Special Advisors, who have offered to make their expertise available to members. Group members are also involved in keeping our database of research up to date, supporting activities, initiating projects, keeping the website up to date, etc.

If you would like to join the TCTC R&D Group, please add R&D to your newsletter subscription settings by clicking this link, entering your information and clicking subscribe to list. If you are already a subscriber you will be able to edit your profile with a given link at the top of the form.

To contact us, email research@therapeuticcommunities.org. We would also like to hear about any research you have been or are involved in. We are preparing a database of current and completed research.  More information will be available shortly.

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