ATC Research Group

The ATC Research Group meets 4 times a year and is currently reviewing its Terms of Reference. Its main aim is to promote research in TCs. Recently it held a joint Strategy meeting with the Community of Communities to bring together researchers and others from the different types of TC, to hear about their research and to develop a coordinated and coherent Research Strategy for TCs.

Current membership and areas of specialisation:

  • Diana Menzies, Chair - Personality Disorder and Complex Needs
  • Susan Williams - Enabling Environments & Qualitative Methodology
  • Kati Turner - Service User Specialist
  • Sheila Butler - Personality Disorder
  • Rex Haigh - Community Services for Personality Disorder
  • Mark Freestone - Forensic Mental Health and Research Methodology
  • Chris Evans - Quantitative Methodology, Rigorous Idiographics and Ethics
  • Caryn Onions - Children and Young People
  • Michael Luxford - Learning Disabilities
  • Beatriz Sanchez - Social Care and Psychosis
  • Simon McArdle - Education and Training
  • Craig Fees - Planned Environment Therapy Trust
  • John Tuberville - Children and Young People
  • Kirk Turner - Prison TCs and DSPD
  • Erik Broekaert - Addictions

Other ways of participating are by attending the annual research workshop which the R&D group will be instigating and through the research e-mail list

What research have you done/are you doing?

We urge you to actively encourage the access to TC research by making available past and current research carried out in your TC. This will be a valuable resource to those interested in or planning their own research. To register your research proposals and projects past, present and future please use the form here.

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