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TC Core Values


These Core Values were identified through a process of consultation conducted by the Community of Communities (2008). Members of over one hundred TCs across sectors and client groups agreed ten value statements that underpinned their practice and shaped the TC approach.

Healthy attachment is a developmental requirement for all human beings, and should be seen as a basic human right.

A safe and supportive environment is required for an individual to develop, to grow, or to change.

People need to feel respected and valued by others to be healthy. Everybody is unique and nobody should be defined or described by their problems alone.

All behaviour has meaning and represents communication which deserves understanding.

Personal well-being arises from one’s ability to develop relationships which recognise mutual need.

Understanding how you relate to others and how others relate to you leads to better intimate, family, social and working relationships.

Ability to influence one’s environment and relationships is necessary for personal well-being.  Being involved in decision-making is required for shared participation, responsibility, and ownership.

There is not always a right answer and it is often useful for individuals, groups and larger organisations to reflect rather than act immediately.

Positive and negative experiences are necessary for healthy development of individuals, groups and the community.

Each individual has responsibility to the group, and the group in turn has collective responsibility to all individuals in it.

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