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The Benefits of Joining TCTC


Individual members include a wide range of therapeutic communities and environments supporting adults and children. These are in the state, independent and charity sectors. The types of professionals that benefit from membership include: nurses, social workers, researchers, psychologists, therapists, managers, residential care staff, teachers, psychotherapists, academics and psychiatrists.


These individuals share the view that the most effective kind of residential treatment or day care is where all members are involved in creating and maintaining the therapeutic environment.  They believe that change occurs through belonging to and involvement in the life of a group or community – in a culture of enquiry and openness with a conscious use of relationships.

With a secure sense of attachment and containment, the distress behind symptoms of problematic behaviour can be articulated, understood and changed.

Individual Membership Benefits include:

  • Full participation in all meetings and activities of TCTC
  • Access to peer support and professional networking
  • Discount on all Conference and Workshop fees
  • Access to the online THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITIES Journal, published quarterly (with optional print copy)
  • Access to the growing online archive of the Journal
  • Voting rights at Annual General Meetings of TCTC

Organisational Membership Benefits include:

  • All staff of the member organisation may participate in all meetings and activities of TCTC
  • Access to client specific practice forums
  • Professional networking and peer support
  • Formal links to Community of Commmunities Quality Networks within the Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Advice and signposting for consultation, training, service development and tendering.
  • All staff of the member organisation are eligible for discounts on Conference and Workshop fees
  • Access to the online THERAPEUTIC COMMUNITIES Journal, published quarterly. (Print copy for full organisation fee, optional print copy for discounted fee)
  • One representative vote at Annual General Meetings of TCTC

The Journal:

“Therapeutic Communities” is a quarterly peer-reviewed international journal which is accessible online free to our members, with optional print copies. The journal includes papers on practical, theoretical and research topics from Britain, Europe, North America and elsewhere. It is published by Emerald and electronic back copies are available to members.

Conferences and Meetings:


We act as a signposting service for training and CPD events across the therapeutic community network.

Our annual international conference at Windsor in October is residential and open to day visitors. It includes academic, research and experiential sessions, as well as large group and small group experiences. The Annual General Meeting plans the direction of TCTC and is held during the Windsor Conference, but is open to those unable to attend the whole conference for a chance to talk to each other as well as to transact the formal business of TCTC.

Scope for Involvement:

Members who are interested in becoming actively involved in promoting this approach, or liaising with other national bodies, are warmly welcomed. We wish to continue to grown an active community with opportunity to hear, support and engage with those within the therapeutic community world. At the same time we wish to educate, inform and enlighted those in the external world.


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