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TCTC needs your help!

We want to launch a number of voluntary workgroups, to help make TCTC more effective. We want to be better at:

  • serving TCs,
  • at familiarising others with TC ideas and principles
  • raising the profile of TCs, Enabling Environments and psychologically-informed ways of working in different contexts.

We want as many members as possible to be involved. Groups will focus around specific projects or sectors. They will be small teams who work together to accomplish specific goals proposed by the Group and/or the TCTC board. We hope to co-opt new board members from amongst the workgroups to support the expansion of the board. Each team will decide together their most effective way of working and will have administrative support from the office. We will promote the work of the groups on the website.

Are you interested in joining a group? To find out more, email us. New groups will be formed as members volunteer – we hope they will include:

  • TCTC Training Group
  • Social Media Development Group
  • Website Development Group
  • NHS Sector Steering Group
  • Fund-Raising Group
  • Other groups based on members interest and involvement, so please make a suggestion

Currently active groups – which you may wish to join

  • Research and Development Steering Group
  • Windsor Conference Planning Group
  • TCTC Childrens Sector Group (and Therapeutic Child Care Conference sub-group)

Contact us if you are interested in any of these groups, or indeed any other.

Thank you for your support.

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