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TCTC R&D Steering Group

The TCTC R&D work is led by a steering group, supported by a network of special advisors.

Steering Group

The Group meets quarterly to plan the work of the TCTC  R&D Group. Steering Group members make a commitment to attend a minimum of 3 out of 4 meetings per year. Meetings are in London at  11-3pm.

Members also have active involvement in one or more projects run by the Group, whether organising a seminar, participating in co-ordinating a research project, maintaining the website, representing and disseminating issues related to their sector, etc.

Special Advisors

Special Advisors to the Group are members who have a specific academic or professional expertise in an area of research that they are willing to make available to the Group from time to time.

It is hoped that Special Advisors will be able to:

  • attend (and perhaps speak at) a minimum of 1 seminar per year
  • provide on-line support to a minimum of 1 project per year
  • respond to email requests forwarded by the Steering Group from Group members related to their expertise
  • keep in touch with the R&D discussions

If you would like to participate in the Steering Group or be a Special Advisor to the Group, please email research@therapeuticcommunities.org.

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