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More About TCs

Often people have a number of questions about Therapeutic Communities. We’ve tried to answer some of them here for you.

How do I get into a TC?

TCs vary and it is often best to speak directly to the TC you are thinking of joining. In most cases you will need to be referred by a doctor or social worker but there are some that will take self-referrals.In the NHS TCs working with people diagnosed with a personality disorder generally use a complex admission procedure, rather than straightforward inclusion and exclusion criteria.

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What is the theory behind it?

There are various theoretical models on which the clinical practice is based, drawing on systemic, psychodynamic, group analytic, cognitive-behavioural and humanistic traditions.

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When were TCs invented?

Early fore-runners of therapeutic communities, such as village communities like Geel in Flanders, existed at least as long ago as the thirteen century. 

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Who works in them?

Staff teams in therapeutic communities are always multidisciplinary, drawn mostly from the mental health core professions including direct psychiatric input and specialist psychotherapists.

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